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Customised Services

Services for Corporations, Non For Profit and Government

Business and Training Needs Analysis


Delivery of Training Programs


Development of Training Programs


Development of Facilitator Training





Services for Professional Institutes and Higher Education

Accreditation Process, Policy and Procedures


Quality Assurance Processes


Establishing/Managing an Education Business






Business and training needs analysis

  • Needs analysis - Focus groups, stakeholder engagement, quantitative and qualitative research

  • Telephone interviews

  • Desk research - comparative programs, web-based research, standards

  • Consultation with subject matter experts, committees

  • Stakeholder consultation - members, regulators, universities, industry leaders, thought leaders

  • Design and deployment of online research

  • Reports (for the executive or Board)

Delivery of training programs

  • One-day to five-day, day and residential programs

  • Tailored for specific employee groups, sectors or public programs

  • Delivery of programs owned by other organisations

Design and development of training needs and programs

  • Individual one or two-day programs; multiple-module programs

  • Create course materials, short or major case studies, presentation resources, delivery tools (such as role play examples/debates, briefings)

  • Activities (such as coaching, assignments or workplace projects) to complement structured learning programs

  • Facilitator guides, peer training and review of facilitators

  • Formal assessment tools (such as exams or assignments)

Facilitator Training

  • Program briefings for professional colleagues

  • "Train-the-Trainer" program for those who have not delivered the program previously, or

    those who have practical experience but may not have been a facilitator

  • DVD resources for facilitators

Accreditation process, policy and procedures

  • Program assessment, different forms of assessment during a program (reflective learning, pear assessment, interview, etc.)

  • Formal program assessment (examination and assignments)

  • Preparation and briefing of authors, indicative Marking Guides

  • Candidate feedback

  • Policy papers for executive or Board approval

  • International benchmarking of proposed titles, post nominals and processes

  • Requirements for providers of higher education 

Quality Assurance Processes

  • Facilitator Induction Guides

  • Assessment and monitoring tools, Facilitator feedback policies

  • Electronic systems (learning management systems)

  • Reports

Establishing and managing an education business

  • Strategic and Marketing Plans

  • Budgeting and Reporting

  • Product Line Development (positioning)

  • Marketing and Promotional plans and materials

  • Administration infrastructure, Design of IT architecture

  • Business development (new markets, tailoring of products, etc.)

  • Managing projects internationally, contracting consultants

International Benchmarking

  • Program content and Accreditation standards

  • Articulations into formal awards (such as degrees)