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How to compete on public perception

Guest blogger Oliver Freeman Reputation Index Our guest blogger, Oliver Freeman, MD of amr, publishes an annual Reputation Index for the 'charity'/not-for-profit sector as well as the for-profit sector, using the same methodology.The interesting feature of this index is that companies cannot do anything to influence the result – 600 adults are invited to rate the [...]

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How to decide when to act on late payers

Over the years I've found three realities about late payers:  if you don't get on to them each month, it can be too late. They just keep on keeping on and soon your project or business might be in trouble. There is a domino effect which just gets more complicated. there may be a reason, such as [...]

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How to work out if your barista will be there next week

Size and location are two key aspects of a retail business which are drastically changing in concept. Video retailers are closing shopfronts in preference for kiosks within shopping centres, and now coffee shops are becoming more niche, a hole-in-the-wall and located in laneways or side streets. What's driving this? Eric Johnston (SMH, Oct 12, 2013) argued that [...]

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How to identify Asset Impairment

Asset valuation is a topical question (Chapters 4 and 5) and sometimes the business context creates real challenges. The accounting standards give definitions and methods for valuing assets but I use Plain English concepts: book value, willing buyer/willing seller, garage sale and fire sale. The concept of 'impairment' is that an asset now has a lower [...]

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